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The human body is split into three major muscle groups:

• Chest Group
• Leg Group
• Back Group

Recent studies on exercise physiology have shown that our muscles respond best to focused, intense workouts, followed by the proper amount of rest. These proven studies have also shown that our best approach is to train only one major muscle group per workout.

This may seem like a lot of rest, therefore it’s essential to completely challenge each muscle group to its fullest potential.

This concept is used by advanced athletes worldwide. Rest and recuperation are the keys to making progress.

These guidelines cover all the major muscle groups.

As you progress, there are some smaller muscles that can be isolated from their groups, such as the shoulders (deltoids), abs, and calves. These may be worked on separate days, or with the appropriate large muscle groups.

The main focus, however, should be on the three major muscle groups: chest, leg, and back.

The Exercises

1. Chest

a. Bench press (barbells or dumbbells)
b. Incline press
c. Decline press
d. Peck deck, cable flies, chest machine, etc.

A beginner may substitute machines instead of free weights for a few weeks.


a. Cable press downs (with short bar)
b. Rope extensions
c. Dumbbell kickbacks, etc.

Triceps are part of the chest group; therefore they are normally done following the chest exercises.

You should perform 3 - 5 sets for each exercise and 6 - 12 reps per set.

Try to increase the weight every set. (Begin light, end heavy).

2. Legs

a. Squats (the king of all leg exercises)
b. Leg press
c. Lunges
d. Leg extensions
e. Leg curls
f. Stiff-legged dead lifts
g. Calf raises

Choose 4 - 5 exercises for each leg workout.

3. Back

a. Wide-grip pull downs
b. Close-grip pull downs
c. Seated cable rows
d. Standing bent-over barbells rows
e. One-arm rows (dumbbells)
f. Various back machines

Choose 3 - 5 back exercises (as with most large muscles)


a. Standing barbell curls
b. Standing dumbbell curls
c. Cable curls
d. Bicep machines

Choose 2 -3 biceps exercises

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